Past projects

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning for Cyber Insurance

Secure Governance Schemes for Blockchains

Anonymization of Voice Recordings for Privacy-Preserving Emotional Analysis

Interactively exploring 3D scanned dynamic environmentsEnhancing Document Processing with Hierarchical Structure

Quantum players in constructive cryptography

Security of Avionics Communication System

Formal Methods for Federated Identity Management

Critical Infrastructure Security

New Routing Approaches for Bike Deliveries

Access Control for Next Generation systems

Cryptographic Constructions of Randomness Resources

Mining for Frauds

Analyzing and Maintaining Access Control Infrastructures

Data-usage Monitoring and Enforcement

Privacy in Modern Smartphones

Data Deletion

SecMetrics: On Quantifying Operational Security

Modularity in Trusted Party Emulation

Methods for the Design, Analysis, and Certification of Secure Boot Processes

Role Mining

Security Proofs in Number-theoretic Cryptography

Device Identification

Methods for Evaluating Anomaly Detection Systems

Efficiency in Secure Multi-Party Computations

Cryptographically Faithful Proofs of Security Protocols

Security of Cryptographic Functions and Efficient Implementations

Document Security

Methods for Automatic Analysis of Security Sensitive Protocols

Integrated Framework for Intrusion Management

Secure Storage

Isolation and Recovery for Secure SDN

Provably Secure Blockchains

Robotic stacking of parcels in containers and roll cages

Manipulation of non-rigid e-commerce parcels

Improving Network Security Through Programmability

Self-securing Networks

Towards Provably Secure Internet Communication

Topology-hiding computation