Security in school education

Center of Computer Science Education (ABZ) of ETH Zurich was founded with the goal to introduce computer science as a subject into school education. The main activities of ABZ are the following:

  • Developing textbooks and online platforms for teaching CS on all levels of schools and testing them in school
  • Teacher training
  • Teaching CS as a school project
  • Popularization of Computer Science in the whole society
  • Publicity and political work
  • Supporting pupils for different CS competitions (Olympiad in Informatics, Informatics Beaver, ACM Programming Contests)


The main achievement is establishing “informatics” as a mandatory subject in Lehrplan 21 for obligatory schools as a result of long-term projects in more than 100 schools and more than 400 appearances in the media.

The contribution to teaching “Security” up to now:

  • Textbook “Einführung in die Kryptologie”
  • Many school projects on this topic
  • Several courses for teachers for teaching cryptology
  • Popularization of topics related to security in the framework of “Open University: Seven Miracles of Informatics”
  • Fixing “security” as one of the main topics in teacher education at ETH



The main goals of this project

  • To develop further teaching sequences related to the topic “security” with special focus on primary schools and middle schools, and to integrate them into the Swiss educational system.
  • To develop and offer training for teachers at all levels of school.
  • To cooperate with ZISC in developing online platforms for teaching security.
  • To bring the topic “security” into the competitions for pupils.
  • To popularize of the topic “Security” in society.

The ZISC center is proud to support this project!