Schwarz Group is the latest ZISC partner

ETH President Joël Mesot and Reinhold Geilsdörfer, Managing Director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. (Photograph: Valeriano Di Domenico)

Schwarz Group is the latest partner of the ZISC center. With almost 600,000 employees in more than 30 different countries, the Schwarz Group is among the top retail groups in the world. Based in Neckarsulm, Germany, its pillars in food retailing are Lidl and Kaufland.

Schwarz Digits as IT and digital division offers compelling products and services, which comply with Germany’s strict data protection standards. Its brands include STACKIT, which offers scalable innovative cloud services with European data security standards, and XM Cyber, which is a leading provider of hybrid cloud security solutions such as continuous threat exposure management systems.

The ZISC partnership of Schwarz Group is part of a larger collaboration between ETH Zurich and Dieter Schwarz Foundation, who have signed a far-​reaching letter of intent to establish a new teaching and research centre for responsible digital transformation with a global reach. Thanks to the foundation’s donations, new professorships are to be created both in Zurich and on the foundation’s teaching campus in Heilbronn.

The collaboration between ETH Zurich and Dieter Schwarz Foundation focuses on topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, bioinformatics and the circular economy. “International collaboration is needed more than ever in these areas,” says Joel Mesot (ETH President). It is precisely this kind of networking that the teaching campus in Heilbronn aims to foster. The ZISC center takes the lead in driving the cybersecurity dimension.

The Zurich Information and Security Center is very proud of this new collaboration and excited to bring these plans to life.

More details can be found from the following article here.