Privacy in Modern Smartphones


This project started in autumn 2011 and was closed at the end of 2014.


Prof. Srdjan Capkun
Dr. Aurélien Francillon
Claudio Marforio


Today, smartphone operating systems allow users to install third-party applications directly from on-line applications markets. In order to perform their functions, applications typically need specific permissions such as network access or access to user’s personal data. However, given a large number of independent developers, applications cannot be trusted to behave according to their declared purpose. Furthermore, applications might leave traces of users’ personal information in different parts of the system and expose them to malicious applications that normally would not have access to such information.
This can lead to privacy breaches in which applications leak information about the user to third parties. Some types of such behaviors can be detected by application inspection and testing.
However, not all such behaviors can be detected and malicious applications can therefore find their way to the application markets.

In the context of this project, we address privacy issues related to untrusted applications on modern smartphones. In particular, the following points are being considered:
Propose advanced permission/access control models for smartphones that address application collusion, among other privacy threats. Propose advanced information flow analysis techniques that complement tainting and/or detect information leakage more comprehensively than tainting.


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