Below are selected videos presenting our research talks, technical demonstrations and other activities. For more videos, see also the System Security Group YouTube channel.


Ahoi Attacks: Disrupting TEEs with Malicious Notifications

ZISC: 20 years Celebration

On March 6, 2024, we celebrated the 20 years of the ZISC center with a special event and a networking Apero at ETH Zurich’s Audi Max and Dozentenfoyer.

In the event, Prof. Srdjan Capkun, the Chair of the center, provided a brief history of the center and an overview of its main achievements:

In addition, the audience received research talks from Prof. Kenny Paterson and Prof. Florian Tramèr, both from ETH Zurich and part of the ZISC faculty:

The industry talk of the event was given by Mona Vij from Intel Labs.

Finally, the event included a panel discussion hosted by Srdjan Capkun. The panelists included Kenny Paterson, Mona Vij, Adi Shamir and Florian Schütz:


When Messages are Keys: Is HMAC a dual-​PRF? Matilda Backendal. Crypto 2023.

Is Your Wallet Snitching On You? An Analysis on the Privacy Implications of Web3

Inaugural lecture: Florian Tramèr on Making machine learning fail


Research Talk: Giovanni Camurati on Ghost Peak: Practical Distance Reduction Attacks Against HRP UWB Ranging

Research Talk: Shweta Shinde on Better Foundations for Secure Software Systems at AMLD EPFL 2022


Research Talk: Cyrill Krähenbühl on SCION Internet Architecture in Practice at CoNEXT 2021


TCC Test-of-Time Award: Martin Hirt on Hyper-Invertible Matrices and Applications to Multi-Party Computation

Kenny Paterson on building a contact tracing app for Switzerland

Spark Award 2020 – Snappy: Fast blockchain payments with practical collaterals

Keynote: Prof. Perrig on experiencing a new Internet architecture at ICNP 2020

Research talk: Chen-Da Liu-Zhang on Fully Secure Synchronous MPC with Asynchronous Fallback at CRYPTO 2020

Research talk: David Lanzenberger on Coupling of Random Systems at TCC 2020

Research Talk: Markus Legner proposing EPIC, a new family of data-plane protocols at USENIX 2020

Research Talk: Guillaume Girol on ‘A Comprehensive, Automated, Formal Analysis of the Noise Protocol Suite’ at USENIX 2020


Srdjan Capkun on cyber-physical threats at World Economic Forum (WEF)


Srdjan Capkun: Grounding the Internet


Spark Award 2017: Rollback protection for secure digital currencies

DEMO: Distance reduction (relay) attack on phase-based ranging


Research talk: On the Security and Performance of Proof of Work Blockchains

Research talk: Statistical Deobfuscation of Android Applications

Research talk: Computational Soundness for Dalvik Bytecode

Research talk: Network-Hiding Communication and Applications to Multi-Party Protocols

Research talk: Prof. Perrig on Future Internet Architectures

Research talk: Prof. Capkun on Secure Proximity Detection

Research Award: Prof. Maurer receives an award for excellence in the field of mathematics

DEMO: Sound-Proof: Usable Two-Factor Authentication Based on Ambient Sound

DEMO: 3DB Secure Distance Measurement

DEMO: GPS spoofing

Today, it is possible to spoof a GPS receiver to any arbitrary location. The video demonstrates how trivial it is to spoof GPS signals with a device that is entirely back-pack compatible and force the phone to believe it is in a completely different location. Not only that, it is also possible to force the receiver to believe it is navigating along a particular route even though it is completely static. The increasing availability of low-cost radio hardware platforms make it feasible to execute such attacks with less than few hundred dollars worth of hardware equipment. Moreoever, the attack is completely wireless and does not require the software of the mobile phone (containing the GPS receiver) to be modified in any way. More information can be found on

Research teaser: On the Effective Prevention of TLS MITM Attacks in Web Applications

Research teaser: SALVE: Server Authentication with Location VErification

Research talk: SALVE: Server Authentication with Location VErification