ZISC Leadership

Chair of the center
Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun

Director of the center
Dr. Kari Kostiainen

ZISC Faculty

Prof. Dr. David Basin leads the Information Security Group that performs research on methods and tools for the analysis and construction of safe and secure systems.

Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun leads the System Security Group, studying the design and the analysis of security protocols for wired and wireless networks and systems.

Prof. Dr. Dennis Hofheinz leads the Foundations of Cryptography group that
designs and analyzes cryptographic building blocks and their use.

Prof. Dr. Ueli Maurer leads the Information Security and Cryptography Group that focuses on information security, theory and application of cryptography and theoretical computer science.

Prof. Dr. Kenny Paterson leads the Applied Cryptography Group whose research focus is on applied cryptography and communication security.

Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig leads the Network Security Group whose research revolves around building secure and robust network systems – with a particular focus on the design of future Internet architectures.

Prof. Dr. Shweta Shinde leads the Secure & Trustworthy Systems Group whose work focuses on trusted computing and its intersection with system security, program analysis, and formal verification.

Prof. Dr. Florian Tramèr leads the Secure and Private AI Lab whose research currently focuses on understanding and improving the worst-case behavior of machine learning systems.

Affiliated Faculty

The ZICS center works in close collaboration with the following ETH faculty members:

Prof. Dennis Komm leads the Algorithms and Didactics group whose research focusses on the sustainable impartation of core concepts of computer science.

Prof. Stelian Coros leads the Computational Robotics Lab whose research is about robots who understand the physical world and function as skilled co-workers and trusted social companions.

Prof. Hans Gersbach is a professor of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy at D-MTEC. His joint research with ZISC focuses on secure governance schemes through assessment voting and vote delegation.

Prof. Christian Holz leads the Sensing, Interaction and Perception Lab whose research covers topics ranging from technical computer-human interaction to wearable sensing and virtual reality.

Prof. Peter Müller leads the Chair of Programming Methodology where the main research objective is to enable programmers to develop correct software.

Prof. Laurent Vanbever leads the Networked Systems Group whose goal is to make the current and future networks, especially the Internet, easier to design, understand and operate.

Prof. Ce Zhang leads the DS3Lab whose research focuses on building data systems to support machine learning and help facilitate other sciences.

ZISC affiliated researchers

Dr. Patrick Schaller is a senior researcher part of the System Security group. He is the representative of ETH in SSCC and his research focus is on security characteristics of modern IT systems.

ZISC fellows

Dr. Jonghoon Kwon is a senior researcher part of the Network Security Group. His research focus is on network security.

Dr. Martín Ochoa is a senior researcher member of the Information Security Group. His research focus is on software and systems security.

Dr. Zichen Gui is a postdoctoral researcher in the Applied Cryptography Group. His research focus is on the design of searchable encryption.

Dr. Martin Hirt is a senior researcher in the Information Security and Cryptography Group. His research focus are cryptographic protocols.

Dr. Christof Ferreira Torres is a postdoctoral researcher in the Secure & Trustworthy Systems Group. His research focus is on the design of secure and private decentralized systems.

Michael Aerni is a doctoral student in the Secure and Private AI Lab. His research focus is on privacy and security of machine learning.