ZISC Report 2022 is published

During the year 2022, the ZISC center continued to deliver excellent results on both of its main mandates: applied research projects that are jointly defined and customized to the needs of our industry partners, and long-term basic research. We worked on multiple topics with our partners, addressed fundamental challenges and made substantial contributions to projects that have

ZISC Chair Prof. Srdjan Capkun named IEEE fellow

The IEEE Fellow Committee announced the newly elevated IEEE Fellows of 2022 — amongst them is ZISC Chair and ETHZ Professor Srdjan Capkun. This distinction is reserved for selected IEEE members with extraordinary accomplishments. During his career, Prof. Capkun has made numerous significant research contributions in the areas of wireless security and systems security. His ground-breaking

Distinguished Artifact Award at USENIX Security 2022

The paper  “Automating Cook Consent and GDPR Violation Detection” by Dino Bollinger, Karel Kubicek, Carlos Cotrini, and David Basin received the Distinguished Artifact Award at USENIX Security 2022. Congratulations! The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires websites to inform users about personal data collection and request consent for cookies. Yet the majority of

Test-of-time award at IEEE S&P 2022

ZISC Partner SCION received a test-of-time award at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy for the first SCiON paper published in 2011. The paper introduced SCION, a clean-slate secure Internet architecture designed to provide high availability in the presence of adversaries, trust and path transparency, and inter-domain multipath routing. Since its first appearance, SCION