ZISC faculty member Prof. Perrig named IEEE Fellow

The IEEE Fellow Committee announced the newly elevated IEEE Fellows of 2021 — amongst them is ZISC faculty member and ETHZ Professor Adrian Perrig. This distinction recognises the extensive research and outstanding accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest.

Adrian Perrig has been named IEEE Fellow for his contributions to network and system security. Perrig’s research in attestation has led to the new research area of software-​based attestation and has had profound impact in HW attestation techniques. His TESLA protocol has shaped the field of broadcast authentication, has been widely used in industry and academia, and is today considered for the authentication of Galileo GNSS. Perrig’s work on SPINS has formed the foundation for ZigBee security, which is deployed today in hundreds of millions of devices. Furthermore, his work on the SCION Internet architecture is the first inter-​domain routing architecture with global deployment since BGP’s deployment in 1994.

We congratulate Professor Perrig for this great respect in the technical community which is considered an important career achievement!