ZISC Report 2023 is published

During the year 2023, the ZISC center concentrated on the disruption caused by the rapid emergence of new technologies, such as generative A. I. tools and quantum computing, as well as several geopolitical reasons.

Bearing these in mind, the research highlight of this past year also reflected these topics, such as the frightening pace at which generative machine learning is progressing or the recent buzz surrounding the Metaverse and NFTs that leads to a steady gaining of popularity of Web3.

The ZISC Center is proud to support the Center of Computer Science Education (ABZ) of ETH Zurich. The ABZ was established with the goal to introduce computer science as a subject into school education with its main activities being developing text-books and online platforms for teaching computer science on all levels of schools and testing them in school, training teachers, popularization of computer science in the whole society, and supporting pupils for different CS competitions.

You can read our full report here.

The ZISC center thanks its partners and collaborators and is looking forward to 2024!