Open postdoctoral researcher position in the Network Security Group

With support from the Zurich Information Security Center (ZISC) at ETH, we have an open postdoctoral researcher position in our network security group, with guaranteed funding for up to five years.

Our group mainly works on SCION, a secure Internet architecture. Besides researching how to design a highly secure Internet architecture, we also have a large open-source implementation effort under way to bring SCION to practicality. We already have a global testbed with SCION nodes, with deployed routers in the production networks of two Swiss ISPs, and prototype tests with Swiss banks and companies.

More information is available from our web pages:

A brief introduction of the SCION architecture is available in our overview paper:

SCION code github repository:

A comprehensive project description is in our book:

In the context of the SCION project, we are seeking a postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in either the security area or the systems area. Among the responsibilities of the position are the following tasks:

  • Research: Active topics of research in our group have a broad spectrum, ranging from theoretical aspects (e.g., graph theory, information theory, optimization, protocol and code verification) to practical systems aspects (e.g., secure implementation, DDoS resilience, advanced network APIs, high-speed packet switching, multi-path communication, scalable distributed system infrastructure).
  • SCION prototype support, help with building SCION infrastructure components, APIs, and examples.
  • PhD and MS student supervision.
  • Course instruction support.

The ideal candidate has a strong background to perform research in several of the areas listed above, with a good understanding of security, and enjoys contributing to a real-world prototype system.

To apply, please send the following information to Adrian Perrig ( and Katharina Schuppli (

  • Motivation letter, why you are the ideal candidate for this job
  • Detailed CV
  • A representative research paper that was mostly written by you
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • University transcripts (Bachelor, MS, PhD)

For further information about issues such as salary or pension funds, as well as other practical issues, please contact Ms. Katharina Schuppli (