ZISC researchers nominated for TOP 5 invention of ETH

ZISC researchers Sinisa Matetic, Kari Kostiainen, David Sommer, Aritra Dhar and Prof. Srdjan Capkun were nominated as TOP 5 finalist in the ETH Spark Award 2017 for their work on rollback protection in hardware-based security architectures and its applications to more secure financial transactions and services.

The Spark Award is an annual ceremony that recognizes the best research results of ETH based on their scientific novelty and potential commercial impact. The TOP 5 inventions for this year ceremony were chosen among 215 inventions for which ETH applied for a patent in 2016. Here are few impressions from the award ceremony:



The technical details of the work are covered in a research paper that is available online.

The video below explains the high-level idea of the invention.

ZISC congratulates the nominated researchers for this great achievement!