A decade of dedication to “Secure Internet” has come to fruition

The growing cyber threats are shaking the foundations of Internet-based services that have become essential in today’s society, culture, economy, and politics. In particular, in the field of financial services, which is witnessing a rapid migration from offline to online, secure and reliable communication is a key consideration.

The  Network Security Group (Prof. Adrian Perrig), the Information Security Group (Prof. David Basin), and the Program Methodology Group (Prof. Peter Müller) have been developing SCION, a secure next-generation Internet architecture. SCION offers secure, flexible, and scalable networking by introducing next-generation principles, such as multi-path communication, path-aware networking, and an embedded public-key infrastructure (PKI). Since its first prototype in 2011, SCION has continuously grown, with now eight Internet service providers (ISPs) supporting native SCION connectivity across Europe and Asia.

Recently, SNB and SIX announced in a press release that they are building a secure Swiss financial network based on SCION to provide strong cyber threat deterrence, high availability, and improved user experience for the Swiss financial sector. SSFN is expected to start service in November 2021. Further information can be found here.