Spring Semester 2020: New course on Applied Cryptography

Lead by Prof. Kenny Paterson, a brand-new course started this semester. It will introduce the basic primitives of cryptography, using rigorous syntax and game-based security definitions. The course will show how these primitives can be combined to build cryptographic protocols and systems.

The goal of the course is to put students’ understanding of cryptography on sound foundations, to enable them to start to build well-designed cryptographic systems, and to expose them to some of the pitfalls that arise when doing so.

You can find further info under: https://appliedcrypto.ethz.ch/education/lectures/appcry1.html. The course is part of the Information Security Masters Track, itself being part of the Master in Computer Science.






I’m excited to be launching this new course at Masters level on Applied Cryptography. Students who take the class will get hands-on experience in working with core cryptographic concepts and learn how to use cryptography in real systems. They should leave ETH equipped to use cryptography as a tool in their professional careers.