ETH Studio New York featured in media, ETH meets New York

ETH Zurich and its Computer Science department are constantly ranked among the top universities worldwide. In this setting, ZISC has become a leading research center for security and privacy topics. At ZISC, we believe that a fundamental pillar to research is not only attracting the best locally, but also engaging in active collaborations with other likely-minded individuals all over the globe. In this context, we partnered with ETH Global to pilot their ETH Studio initiative. An ETH Studio is a thematically-focused outpost that is tightly connected to Zurich and that fulfills many functions of value to ETH Zurich worldwide. In particular, we selected New York City as a first anchor point thanks to our ties with both industrial as well as academic partners.

The ETH Studio in New York was featured recently in the Zurich newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung (NZZ). The full article is available (in German) online:

As part of the ETH Studio New York initiative, under the name of ETH Meets New York, two interesting events were organized at New York in May 2017. These events focused on Blockchain Technology and the Future of Cognitive Systems bringing together researcher, industry and start-ups to discuss these exciting technologies.

For more details on these event, see: