Prof. Capkun gave a talk at the Android Security Symposium

Prof. Capkun gave an invited talk at the Android Security Symposium 2017 that was held in Vienna, Austria this year. In this talk, Prof. Capkun reviewed the security challenges of current navigation and positioning systems.


“In this talk I will review security issues in today’s navigation and close-range positioning systems. I will discuss why GNS systems like GPS are hard to fully secure and will present novel solutions that can be used to improve the robustness of GNS systems to attacks. I will then show how a different design of a positioning system can enable secure positioning, but also that this requires solving a set of relevant physical- and logical- layer challenges. Finally I will present a design and implementation of a fully integrated IR UWB secure distance measurement (distance bounding) system that solves these challenges and enables secure distance measurement and secure positioning in IoT applications.”

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