Prof. Capkun receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Three ETH Zurich researchers have received ERC Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). Their projects will each receive approximately 2 million Swiss francs in funding. Prof. Capkun, the director of the ZISC center, is one of the recipients of this prestigious research grant.


Cyber-physical systems like autonomous cars and drones use in order to navigate independently and communicate with each other. In order to be successful, these systems need continuously sound information on their own locations as well as on the positions of others – but today’s positioning systems are vulnerable to location spoofing and manipulation. In his project, Capkun plans to design a positioning system that takes security requirements into account from the very start, and also accounts for the way that positioning systems are built and used.

See more details from a press release.

ZISC congratulates Prof. Capkun on this great achievement!