Prof. Capkun gives a keynote at ACNS 2016 conference

Prof. Capkun will give a keynote at ACNS 2016 (Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security) on Secure Positioning: From GPS to IoT (20.06.2016).

In this talk I will review security issues in today’s navigation and close-range positioning systems. I will discuss why GNS systems like GPS are hard to fully secure and will present novel solutions that can be used to improve the robustness of GNS systems to attacks. I will then show how a different design of a positioning system can enable secure positioning, but also that this requires solving a set of relevant physical- and logical- layer challenges. Finally I will present a design and implementation of a fully integrated IR UWB secure distance measurement (distance bounding) system that solves these challenges and enables secure distance measurement and secure positioning in IoT applications.