This project started in December 2023 and is still ongoing.


Simon Huber

Valentin N. Hartmann

Stelian Coros

Steffen Ochsenreither (Swiss Post)

Industry Partner:

Swiss Post


Swiss Post processes large volumes of parcels every day. It is desirable to increase the efficiency of the system, to ensure that parcels are where they are supposed to be at the right time, and to accurately measure the utilization of the system in order to allocate resources correctly. At the same time, it must be ensured that parcels are not tampered with by malicious actors.

The project aims to enable the tracking and reconstruction of parcels throughout a parcel facility. This enables dynamic routing forimproved efficiency. At the same time, such a tracking system can act as a safeguard, i.e., enable anti-fraud and anti-tampering measures by ensuring that a parcel does not deviate from its intended path, and is not removed from where it is supposed to be. Further, the system can accurately measure and report the types of parcels along with the volume for recording transport utilization.